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Bridget Newton

Candidate - Mayor

I’ve always said that the City of Rockville “is a small town in a big city.” We have much to be proud of – and so much potential going forward. In the past four years, Rockville has been named the 9th Most Culturally Diverse City in America, Best Place to Live by Money Magazine, and MCPS opened Bayard Rustin - Rockville’s 5th elementary school.

To move Rockville Forward - please read our newsletter and learn more about the individuals I am honored to work alongside. I hope you will support Beryl Feinberg, Monique Ashton, Kuan Lee, Suzan Pitman and myself. These candidates are committed to building the future of Rockville.

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Beryl Feinberg

Candidate - City Council

Beryl L. Feinberg, a two term Rockville City Councilmember, seeks a third term.

As a twenty-five year Rockville resident, she is ‘neighborhood-centric’, responding to resident or business concerns wherever they occur. Understanding that neighborhood locations, housing preferences and lifestyles must accommodate and welcome all residents, Beryl believes Rockville can ‘Preserve Rockville’s Character and Embrace the Future’. Both traditional neighborhoods and transit oriented Smart Growth can and must co-exist, not battle one another for superiority. Economic vitality moves Rockville forward. Fire safety, police staffing, roads and school capacity must be in place to meet future demands. Rockville is a great place to live, work and play with diverse populations that enriches the City and its cultural, recreational, dining, and religious opportunities for everyone.

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Monique Ashton

Candidate - City Council

Monique Ashton is a committed community leader, executive, and advocate for the communities, schools and businesses of Rockville. She has served as a cluster coordinator representing Rockville schools, led community forums and activities, supported small businesses, served as a neighborhood captain, successfully fought to build and expand school capacity and staffing, and recently served on the Rockville adequate public facilities workgroup.

Monique was one of the top three candidates selected during the City Council vacancy process, and the only female of the final set. She is a senior vice president with proven business and government management and a consummate community organizer.

Kuan Lee

Kuan Lee

Candidate - City Council

Kuan Lee is running for Rockville City Council. He is the Chair of the King Farm External Affairs Committee and a board member of the Rockville Financial Advisory Board. He has worked with board members and city staff to improve the Operating Budget and Capital Improvements Program. He is a former member of the Rockville Board of Appeals.

Kuan is an advocate for smart and sustainable growth and development, traffic reduction and safety, environmental protection, and preserving Rockville neighborhoods. As part of the City’s inclusion initiative, he joined the Rockville Sister City Corporation and the King Farm Neighbors Village to help encourage volunteerism and to bring people together.

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Suzan Pitman

Candidate - City Council

Suzan Pitman, a native of Louisiana who called Texas home for over 30 years, has brought a fresh perspective to Rockville, a place she and her family are proud to call their home. She and her husband, David, live in East Rockville with their son, Matthew, a rising senior at Rockville High School.

As the President of the East Rockville Civic Association, Suzan moved the needle by collaborating with City staff and residents to lead the neighborhood through the consensus building needed to rework their outdated neighborhood plan. The new plan promises a creative, vibrant, updated neighborhood that honors the past while welcoming and retaining 21st century families.

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